Duplicator - Installer

Installer Validation Prechecks
Package Name
Package URL
browse to: [site] [admin]
Install URL  get
Site Title
Disable SSL Admin (sets FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to false)
Delete Package After Install
Manual Package Extraction (manually unzip the package)


  (useful for Linux to Windows migrations)
[Test Connection]

Warning: Only the package (zip file) and install.php file should be in the install directory, unless you have manually extracted the package and checked the 'Manual Package Extraction' checkbox. All other files will be OVERWRITTEN during install. Make sure you have full backups of all your databases and files before continuing with installations. Please pay attention to your configuration!!

Notice: Manual extraction requires that all contents in the package are extracted to the same directory as the install.php file. Manual extraction is not recommended and only needed when your server does not support the ZipArchive extension. Please see the online help for more details.